Some Informative and Fun Internet Links: - Our Brazilian (Bangerter) web page - where you are now! - Yahoo! from Brasil - in Portuguese. - A Web page by and for Brazilian members of the church. - Link to the Escola Americana in Rio. - A neat on-line translating program from/to many different languages, including Portuguese - an even better translating program for many languages. - Links to all LDS missions, including ours. - Link to a GREAT interactive aerial view of Rio de Janeiro (and many other locations world-wide). Click on the British flag in upper right corner for English. (E-mail address, not a link) - Brazilian South Mission web master, Alfred G. Gunn. E-mail him at this address to get onto their mailing list. This site has good anecdotes about our mission days, and will be of special interest to those who served in Brazil prior to 1964.

Brasil Doce Lar – Do a Google search on “brasil doce lar” and you will be taken to many sites where you can either watch or download this awesome movie about the love that Wayne and Evelyn Beck developed for Brazil and its people. Much was filmed in Rio and Teresopolis – stunning photography! Also included is some original movie film taken during their years in Brazil. It is a story of adjustment to missionary life of the married couple and their children. This is a must see!